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Testimony by Rev (Dr) Elisha Chieng 【詹立言牧師的见证】

Pastor Paul, Pastor Esther and I were schoolmates in Agape Renewal Center in USA in the year 2004. At that time all the three of us were very naive with regard to the spiritual giftings and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Paul and Pastor Esther started CKRM in Singapore, and I was one of the advisors, together with Bro Tan Kia Jin. Eventually, they become overseas missionaries under the covering of our church, Open Heaven Tabernacle 611 Bread of Life in Miri, East Malaysia. We jointly organised two Gideon Camps in Sabah, Malaysia. I took up the responsibility to explain to many, including pastors, as to why their ministry and behaviour were so radical and controversial.

Gradually, they changed and matured in many ways. They ministered with more teaching of the Word and not just demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Paul had learnt to humble himself and took the initiative to reconcile with pastors he had offended. He had also become more cautious in accepting invitation to minister to avoid misunderstanding and undue accusations.

Both Pastor Paul and Pastor Esther had advanced speedily into specialised spiritual ministry such as the Lion, Lamb and Fire ministry. They expanded their ministry to Malaysia; and California and New York in USA. Both of them were more spiritually informed and better than me in many ways even though I had been a full-time pastor for over 30 years.

Therefore, I opted out as CKRM advisor and released them from being my overseas missionaries so that they could function more freely. I encouraged them to look for international apostolic/prophetic organisation for covering. Nevertheless, we remained as friends.

When Pastor Paul invited me to teach at the First Fire Starter School, I gladly accepted the invitation thinking he would give me just one or two sessions, after all he was well acquainted with many popular and anointed speakers.

When Regina, the principal of the First Fire Starter School contacted me about the teaching sessions, without much thought I agreed with her arrangement. Eventually, she informed me that I had to teach six sessions, I regretfully accepted it.

About one month before the school started, I felt greatly pressured, not knowing what to teach. Besides, my church was going through a very tough trial, for many months. I was betrayed, accused, persecuted and deserted by some church leaders and members whom I loved and helped in many ways. The once wonderful and blessed church split into two parties. During this time, I had difficulty sleeping, even reading the Bible and praying.

The pastors from my mother church came to try to solve the church problem, but it did not work out, instead they urged me and my wife to leave the church and the city as soon as possible because they believed that our lives were in jeopardy.

I took a few days off and sought the Lord for direction with my wife at a resort. After much prayer and meditation, we felt the need to stay back and take care of the needy sheep, about 140 members who chose to stay with us.

Eventually, we moved out of the rental-free building and rented a new place with a monthly rental of RM5,200.00. It was a stressful time as I tried to settle unreasonable demands of church members who left us, and also to renovate the 4 shop units we rented for our ministry. Anger, weariness and dejection came upon me and I was seriously contemplating to give up my ministry.

Being physically weak, spiritually drained, and feeling severely inadequate to teach at the Fire Starter School, I expressed my predicament to Ps Paul and negotiated with him to lessen my teaching load to 3 sessions. He turned me down and told me that God intended to restore, empower and use me for His glory.

I also expressed my concern to Regina, who encouraged and supported me in prayer. Meanwhile, I had no choice but to fervently seek the lord for purification, empowerment and to give me the appropriate message to share. I also requested all my intercessors to pray for me and engaged the whole church to intercede as well.

A week before the school started, I fell sick with fever, cold, and severe cough. I was on medication and felt very weak, burdened and weary. I was tempted to inform Pastor Paul to forget about me teaching at the School. I was wondering whether Pastor Paul would accept my excuse? Would he be able to find a replacement at the last minute?

Finally, I decided to trust God and went to Singapore with my infirmity and inadequacy. Nevertheless, I prayed to the Lord to demonstrate His signs and wonders in the school. I prayed specifically for the fire to come down; living water to flow; whirlwind to appear; chairs to be broken; new spiritual weapons to be imparted and other spiritual signs.

Just a day before I left for Singapore, I tried out my range of weapons from the armory of the arsenal of fire on an intercessor, and everything worked out well. That really encouraged and strengthened my faith. In fact, my purpose of coming to the school was not just to teach, but also to learn, to be empowered, and to see the effects of many new things taking place. After I completed my teaching sessions, I stayed back for another two days as a full-time student, and I was very much blessed.

God was very gracious, merciful and faithful to me. When my teaching session came, He downloaded strong anointing upon me for about 15 minutes before I could teach. Whenever I proclaimed the scripture, God demonstrated the reality of His Word with signs and wonders. It was the first time in public that I saw the effect of the elements of the Holy Communion, whirlwind, living water, fatherly love and other signs.

As a teacher, I taught only simple truth, and God graciously demonstrated what I proclaimed. Praise the Lord I was able to see how God could use a weak and simple person like me. As a student, I picked up much knowledge and anointings from Pastor Paul, Pastor Esther, Pastor Liam, Pastor Hephzibah, Brother Kia Jin, Regina, worship teams and many others.

I am very much encouraged by students who shared with me how they had been touched and transformed as a result of the 7-day school.
Indeed, God’s grace is abundant to all of us, we must try to do His will with uncompromised obedience. Let us be holy to please God. Let us be united and commune with Christ all the time in order to bear more fruits. As students, we should begin to apply the fire weapons from the Arsenal of God to destroy the works of the Devil, to seek and save the lost and to advance God’s Kingdom.

Honestly, I was tremendously blessed at the 7-day School. My sincere thanks to all the teachers, students, and helpers of the school. May all praise, honour and glory be to our God forever and ever. Amen!

Rev Dr Elisha Chieng

Co-founder’s Footnote:-
Rev Dr Elisha Chieng was a Methodist Pastor for 26 years with 12 years as District Superintendent overseeing many churches. He left the Methodist Church after being filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. He was the chaplain and dean of studies in Agape International Leadership Institute, Malacca.

Arsenal of Fire Global

March 8, 2019


保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师在新加坡创办了基督国度崇高掌权教会,我和 Jim 弟兄一起担任他们的顾问。最终,他们成为海外传教士。我们在东马来西亚美里的的教会,天井聖殿611靈糧堂,成为了他们的属灵遮盖。我们在沙巴共同主办了两次基甸营,借此机会向包括牧师在内的许多人解释为什么他们的事工和行为如此激进和有争议。


保罗牧师和以斯帖牧师迅速地进入了他们的呼招,包括了犹大狮子,羔羊和火的事工。他们的事工扩大到马来西亚,美国和其他国家。实际上,尽管我曾经是一名 30 多年的全职牧师,但他们在属灵方面都比我更有见识和更好的装备。



当 Regina 校长为着课堂的事物与我联系时,我没有多想就让她安排一切。当她终于告诉我必须教6堂课时,我有点后悔,但无论如何也接受了。







我也向 Regina 表达了我的顾虑,她鼓励我并为我代祷。与此同时,我别无选择,只能热切地寻求主来洁净,赋权与我和指示我适当的教学信息。我请求我所有的代祷者为我代祷,甚至让整个教会也为我祷告。




上帝对我非常仁慈和信实。在我教学开始的第一天, 他在我教导之前向我下载一个很强烈的恩膏长达15分钟。还有每当我宣告经节时,上帝就用神迹奇事证明了祂话语的真实性。这是我第一次亲眼目睹领圣餐,旋风,活水,父爱,上帝军库的效果。

身为一名教师,我只教导了简单的真理,上帝施恩地展示了我所宣告的一切。赞美主我能够看到上帝如何在我的最低潮的时候使用一个软弱而单纯的人。作为一名学生,我从保罗牧师,以斯帖牧师,居鲁士牧师,协西巴牧师,Jim 兄弟,Regina,敬拜团队和其他许多人那里获得了很多知识和恩膏。





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