Friday, March 1, 2019

Awesome Testimony by the Principal of FireStarters School

The principal of School of Fire Starters, Regina Lim shared an amazing testimony of 1st Fire Starters School held in Singapore February 18-24, 2019.

She wrote:-

God was moving in an amazing and powerful way during the School.

Prior to the commencement of the School, one of the key speakers, Rev Dr Elisha Chieng wrote to me that he was suffering from persecution, betrayal, rejection, burnt-out and stressed. When the class commenced, he confessed to the students that he couldn’t pray nor read the Bible before he came. 

During the first session of the School, he was fully restored and empowered right before the students’ eyes just before he began his teaching. Praise God!

The Founder of the Fire Starters School, Rev Paul K P Ang was aware of Rev Dr Elisha's spiritual state, by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he encouraged Rev Dr Elisha to be one of the key speakers despite his spiritual condition. Rev Paul knew that God would restore Rev Dr Elisha and empower him to overcome his spiritual dryness as he obediently do the will of the Father to impart His Word to the students.  Rev Paul called down the Fire of God on the opening night & that began the process of healing and restoration of Rev Dr Elisha.  

In humility, Rev Dr Elisha confessed that he was not in the right condition to teach at the School, but God has a good plan for him. God used him to be a great testimony of His restoring power at the School. Many students at the School were so encouraged, and they, in turn, were also set free and restored. Rev Dr Elisha's total spiritual restoration was an awesome testimony for many burnt-out, persecuted and betrayed pastors among the students who were, subsequently, restored and empowered too. Praise God!

The power of God was on Rev Dr Elisha during the School and he was able to teach the word with clarity and in demonstration of the Spirit and power. He was able to minister powerfully with the anointing of God's love especially to those who were emotionally wounded and also to those who need the love of our Father God.  Many who needed inner healing were restored. Praise be to God our Father! 

Rev Dr Elisha Chieng was a Methodist Pastor for 26 years with 12 years as District Superintendent overseeing many churches. He left the Methodist Church after being filled with the Holy Spirit and fire.

All Glory to God!

Regina Lim,
School of Fire Starters.

Co-founder’s Footnote:
About a week before the School commenced, Rev Dr Elisha told me on the phone that he would like to cut down his teaching session from six to three. He shared that he was spiritually dry and was not in the right spiritual condition to teach. I told him not to as I was aware of his spiritual condition and that the Lord would restore him on the first day of the school. The word of God never failed and it came to pass. I write to share this awesome testimony to give honour where honour is due for His works shall glorify truly His name! Amen!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 1, 2019

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