Friday, November 23, 2018

A Message for Singapore - Wolf Simson

Singapore: I am changing your status as an Antioch of Asia

My dear Singapore – how I longed to dwell among you with my glory and make you a light to the nations. But you have missed the days of your visitation. I have offered you the Kingdom of Heaven, but you chose Christianity from overseas. I have wanted to be your King, but you rejected my Kingship, selected your own Sauls and submitted to human leaders of your own choice just like my people of Israel who set up kings without my consent and choose princes without my approval. You have more respect for your own political, financial and religious leaders than for me. I wanted to be holy among you, but you were only interested in healing. I wanted you to live in my presence, but you gave me visiting hours in your church services. Instead of serving me, you fell for the false gospel of Mammon. Though you still cry, sing and preach “Lord, Lord”, you do not do what I say. You have rejected my law and made up your own laws. You believe that you are better than the nations surrounding you because of your great wealth and progress. This is not a result of my blessings, but the deception of riches. Instead of becoming a beacon of light, a city on the hill, you became a market for those that peddle the gospel. You have failed to receive the seeds of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and brought forth the fruit of religion: kinglessness, disunity and the yoke of slavery. I expected you to be a good garden, a well‐watered vineyard that produces good grapes, but you yielded wild and unpruned grapes. The thorns of material worries and the thistles of arrogance have overtaken and trapped you. Your basic architecture is now far more shaped by the market than by my Kingdom. You even call the arrogant blessed and measure yourself not according to my plumb line of righteousness, but the false plumb line of success. There was a time when your role was to be an Antioch of Asia. But the season has now passed, the opportunity is lost, the door has closed. I have already begun to take away your most respected leaders and your reputation. Your youth that you have dedicated to the dragon of greed and achievement, is now turning it’s back on you. They are no longer impressed by the glib sermons and religious performances in what you call church. Ikabod, my glory has left you.

Therefore, I am hereby revoking your status as an Antioch of Asia, a centre for my apostolic purposes in Asia. You are now closer to turn into a modern day Nineveh than in the days when I called you to become an Antioch. Consider again what is written in the books of Jonah and Nahum and you will know my burden for you. I particularly detest that you have turned my ways into the patterns of a modern day synagogue. You follow weak principles that enslave you and you observe religious laws that I have never given you, while you detest my law, the Law of Christ, and the rules of my house. The synagogue is what Israel, my people, invented during their time in Babylon in a spirit of national and religious self‐ preservation, out of rebellion against my Kingship and my Kingdom. I never ordered my people to build synagogues; yet they did so. And my Body has, in a spirit of rebellion against my Kingship and my Kingdom, done the same and embraced the blueprint of the Jewish synagogue to be their basic pattern for what you call church. I myself foretold that all the prophets, wise men and teachers I am going to send to you will be killed, crucified and flogged in your synagogue. You, my Body in Singapore, have done that. In defiance of me, you have become a synagogue, trapping my word and yourself in a pyramidal system created in a spirit of religious pride, national hubris and even wordly competition with each other. Since then, you have invited many self‐appointed, false apostles and prophets to tell you what your itching ears wanted to hear, because you wanted to celebrate yourself. But those apostles and prophets that I sent to you, you have ignored and even ridiculed. However, I can use even systems built in defiance to me to proclaim what I wish to say. It was a synagogue where I first proclaimed: Repent, because the Kingdom of God has come. It was from the platform of a synagogue that my apostle Paul spoke to the city of Ephesus, arguing persuasively about the Kingdom of God.

What does it mean that you are no longer my Antioch, but a mere synagogue? It is to humble you, so you will learn my ways. From now on, you will still have the platform, but not longer is it the Word of the Lord that is coming from you. From now on, my word, the Word of the Kingdom, will have to come to you, declared to you by the apostles, prophets and teachers I am going to send to you. Even from your neighbouring nations, on whom you have looked down for a long time, I will send my word to you. If you receive it, and if you receive my messengers, people that you have despised in the past, I will look at you again with favour and will give you room for repentance. You must change your ways, they have displeased me greatly. Come back to me; come home to me, into my house. Repent, my beloved Bride in Singapore, because you have run away from me. Repent from idolizing yourself. Repent from idolizing even my people of Israel. They should be jealous of you, but you have become covetous of them and failed to make them jealous. Repent from idolizing your material wealth. You have not done with my money that is on your bank accounts what I wanted to see done with it. You have robbed me. Repent from your arrogance towards other nations surrounding you. Repent from establishing a myriad of Christian synagogues you call churches and wasting my money so easily.

There are a few amongst you who have not bowed their knee to the Baal of fame, name and prideful, competitive church structures. They are my remnant, my true sages. I am tasking them to call for a national, solemn assembly to individually and corporately repent on behalf of missing the days of my visitation; repent on behalf of an imperial mindset to bring the kind of perfunctory and self‐centred church that seem normal to you to the nations surrounding you and call it missions; repent for being involved in a religion made by man, not by me, and for not joining me in becoming the city whose architect and builder is me, for which already Abraham was looking forward to. Do this soon, because the time is short and I will not delay my purposes because you are tardy. If I have dealt ever so severely with my own people of Israel, do not think I will hesitate to deal with you severely as well in order to fulfil my plans. But if you respond swiftly and with a humble spirit, if you radically change your ways of following and obeying me, I will show mercy, grace and my unbroken love for you. Because even as your role in my plans is now changing, you still will have a task to fulfil. Do it in a spirit to bring honour and glory to me, not to you, and I will be with you, as I have promised long ago. |

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