Friday, August 18, 2017

Empowerment through Fire Cleansing & Purifying

Shalom and greetings!

Writing is one of the ways I worship the Lord in the early, cool, most active hour in the spiritual realm - to praise and glorify His name by being a testimony for Him.

With my life fully surrendered to Him, the fact that I am still alive in this world today is merely by His grace and mercy. I desire nothing else in this life as the world has no hold on me. My only desire is to finish my earthly mission. There is nothing for me to be proud of or to be boastful about except to boast about His works in my life and how He is using a simple yielded obedient vessel for His glory. As such, the Lord has inspired me to write and share my experiences to encourage you.

It also answers some of the frequently questions posted to me.

The late Apostle of Fire used to share in his messages of how his hands would be burned by the fire of God that if he put his hands in a freezer, they would melt the ice. To understand about this burning process of cleansing & purification, please read Isaiah 4:4, Zechariah 13:9, Malachi 3:2-4, Matthew 3:11-12.

I am going through the same process like the late Apostle of Fire; the only difference being it is my feet that are burning intensely and the burning has gone deep into the bones of my hands. Those who have gone through such a process would understand the severe discomfort and the physical pain it brings. This, however, is the price I am willing to pay for my body to host God the Consuming Fire. Burning can also be part of a healing process.

In his teaching, the late John McLennan used to share that he was one of the four living ministers of God in this world who carried such a powerful fire anointing. I would prefer to use the word as in Isaiah 60:1-5 that the glory of the Lord rises upon him and he would look and be radiant.

I cannot verify that statement made by John McLennan but the one thing that I cannot dispute is the fact that I have yet to see another man of God who carries such an awesome manifest Presence of His glory.

If you desire to host this magnificent Presence of God's glory upon you and all over you, thereby making you a flame of fire (Hebrew 1:7), be prepared to go through the pain of the burning process. Read on by clicking the link:-

Bishop Apostle George gave me a message to write books.

All glory to God!

May this message bless you!

Paul (Frank) Ang 洪 光 炳
Arsenal of Fires Ministries,
California, USA
August 17, 2017



写作是我在清早空气凉爽和属灵境界最活跃的时间,去赞美和荣耀神的名的方式之一 --- 通过成为祂的见证。



已故的火的使徒曾经在他的信息里分享他的手如何被神的火焚烧,如果他把他的手放在冰箱里,会使里面的冰融化。要了解这个清洁和净化的焚烧过程,请阅读以赛亚书 4:4,撒迦利亚书 13:9,玛拉基书 3:2-4 和马太福音 3:11-12。


在他的教导里,已故的麦约翰牧师曾经分享过,他是世界上四位仍然在世并携带着如此强大的火恩膏的牧师之一。我更喜欢用以赛亚书 60:1-5 里面的字眼:耶和华的荣耀照在他身上,使他看起来容光焕发。


如果你渴望在你身上承载这令人羡慕的神荣耀同在,从而使你成为火焰(希伯来书 1:7),就要准备好经历痛苦的焚烧过程。请单击以下链接继续阅读:





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