Monday, August 21, 2017

A New Season for Arsenal of Fire Ministries 烈火军火库事工的新季节

God has been preparing us to reach out to the harvest fields in many nations. Our calling is to release His fire and glory and we have been waiting for His timing to walk into this calling. We have declined several invitations to speak to large crowds in different countries because we did not hear God say 'Go'.

Finally, God sent His prophets to speak to us that we are now ready to walk into this new exciting season in our lives.

On August 11, we were invited to minister in a Christian Home Fellowship at Sacramento, California. Both Ps Esther and I went with our team members and had the privilege of meeting several highly anointed men who were apostles and prophets who ministered to us instead.

They gave me the following prophecies which details what are in store for our ministries. This reminded me of how Saul walked into his calling; the lost donkeys led him to meet Prophet Samuel who then told him in detail what would happen when he went home (1 Samuel 10:2-7).

They released the words to us concerning our AOF ministry:-

 1. Write books and the books will be read by many.
 2.  God is using my testimonies to encourage others.
 3.  Our ministries are going global,
      The word "global" was mentioned five times.
 4. While I was looking for doors to open to small places for our ministries, God is saying that He has bigger platforms where He has set up for me to release His fire and glory.
 5. This is a new beginning and God says that I am now ready.
 6. That my business days were nothing compared to how He is going to use me from now on, for His glory.
 7. My health will be fully restored.

The words given to Ps Esther:

"You were asking God, as you were worshiping, you were asking God, for deeper deeper revelation, for deeper connection with Him. God is saying I am putting an unction, an anointing upon your life. Not just become an ordinary speaker of the word, one who carries a mantle, a mantle of deliverance. You have the power to deliver people from wickedness, from all sorts of evil. There is an anointing that you carry, because you came from a life that you saw everything you cannot think off. God said I made you see all these things because I am ready to use you, to go out there, and touch lives with the power of the blood, touch lives with the power of my glory, there's fullness.

God has anointed you. Put your hand on your belly, you are so anointed for deliverance. I want you to forget who you are, I want you to picture heaven right now, I want you to see an open heaven above, so that the things of the kingdom of God can be released into your bosom. Yes, now they are being released.

This is a Fire. Release it.  Loose. 

Fire!! This is the power of forgiveness. She has been there, that she is able to walk in this anointing, this fire is all over you, you are a mother to many,
let it go...breath in and out. That's it....let it go.

I know you are looking at the heavens, you are praying that prayer, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, your will be done.

You are walking in this great anointing. He set you apart now, this is your season. "

The book 'The Arsenal of Fire' is the launching pad for our AOF ministries. With the ebook available now in several platforms covering all regions, it is a clear indication of our readiness to be used to release His fire and glory and have the book reach many people to set them on fire for God.

All glory to God!

Bishop Apostle George

Apostle/Prophet John Locus and Remi

Ps Paul (Frank) Ang
Arsenal of Fire Ministries,
California, USA

August 20, 2017




在8月11日,我们应邀到加州萨克拉门托(Sacramento)的基督教家庭团契(Christian Home Fellowship)中服侍,叶再来牧师和我以及我们的团队一起参与。在那里有幸遇见了几位高度受恩膏的使徒和先知,他们也为我们服事。



1. 要撰写书籍,将有很多人阅读这些书籍。
2. 神在用我的见证来鼓励其他人。
3. 我们的事工正走向全球;总共五次提到“全球”一词。
4. 当我在为我们事工寻求打开小型聚会的门时,神说祂为我设置更大的平台来释放祂的圣火和荣耀。
5. 这是个新的开始,神说我现在已经预备好。
6. 相对于神从现在起将如何使用我,我从前做生意的日子简直不算得什么。
7. 我的健康将会完全恢复。



膏,因为在你所经过的生命路程里,你曾看过一切你无法想象的。神说我让你看见这一切是因为我预备好要使用你,差遣你用宝血的能力去触摸生命,用我荣耀的能力去触摸生命, 这将会满足。你在释放方面带着极大的恩膏火!!这是饶恕的能力。你曾在那里,所以你才能够在这恩膏里运行, 你全身都被这火充满着,你是多人之母。你正在这伟大的恩膏里运行。祂现已把你分别为圣,这是你的季节。




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