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Testimony - Led to pray for Revival


This is Rev Dr Leow Hong Too’s short version of his journey to obey King Jesus:

I want to share how God led me to Wilmore to pray for revival. I will try to be as honest as I can so that I will not take credit from God; God knows my heart.


In Aug 2015,  I came to Asbury Theological Seminary, as a visiting scholar from Malaysia Bible Seminary (accompanied by my wife) until early June 2016.

On Feb 21 2016, I received a Revival Dream in Wilmore. I am from a conservative Church background, which do not believe in modern day dreams and visons from God. I even preached against dreams and visions. But, I truly believe 100% that the Bible is God's Word, so we need to study diligently. I humbled myself to test this dream to see if it was from God or not. I shared this with Dr. Robert Coleman, my respected Evangelism professor back in 1990-1993 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and he told me that God may use me to start a revival in USA or in Malaysia. At that time, my response was "What?". I also shared this dream with my professor Dr. Craig Keener, a highly respected New Testament Scholar, I asked him if I should take this dream seriously. He responded that I should. With their affirmations, since then I kept praying daily for this revival to be fulfilled.


In Dec 2017, while my wife and I came to Asbury Seminary again on holidays, God spoke to me clearly, asking me to come to Wilmore, praying fulltime for revival in person in Wilmore. God asked me to quit my teaching job and come here to pray for revival. I got paid for teaching but I got no pay for praying. Jesus promised He would take care of me and my wife, just to trust Him alone.


So in Nov 2018, I quit my teaching job which I enjoyed very much from Malaysia Bible Seminary as a sign that I want to trust God for this new mission to pray for Wilmore revival. 


September 15 2019, I came to Wilmore first and then my wife followed in November that year. We settled down in Wilmore and my praying for Revival fulltime officially began. I spent a couple of hours daily praying for revival, walking around, joined many prayer groups, seeking signs that would sparkle the revival. To be honest, during these periods, sometimes I was disappointed, frustrated, going through “motions of praying”, and also a bit lost what I was doing here in Wilmore. A caring Chinese elder was very concerned about me, asking me to find a job.  There are so many Chinese Churches without pastor. I refused the offer and stayed very focused on praying for revival.


In June 2020, God spoke to me clearly that I should carry signboards (signs of repentance, call to revival etc) while walking-running almost everyday in Wilmore for about 2 years. This got the attention from local residents, preparing them for revival. But I did not know how much they paid attention to my seemingly silly actions. Some did pray for me to persevere in praying for revival. It was not easy as I had to go out carrying signs during winter time for an hour. Some came to me asking why I was doing this. But they were encouraged by what I did.


In May 2022, we received a urgent call to serve the homeless in New York City. (We served homeless people in Lexington from November 2020 until May 2022) after praying for 2 years and 8 months full time in Wilmore. Actually I started praying for revival since February 2016. So, all together, it is about 7 years. I felt my call to pray for Revival has not completed but God told me that He will not send revival, while I was still here. 


God has promised me that after we left Wilmore for New York City, He will then send revival, so I may not be prideful or take credit for the revival. God is good to me. I did not know when God was going to do it. But after 8 months, revival came to Asbury University Chapel. When I heard about this, God wanted me to come right away. So, I booked ticket and flew from New York City. God is faithful and almighty. He promised He would do it and HE DID IT.

He shared a video testimony vide the link:-

Glory to Triune God, God the Father, God the Son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit alone, amen, amen and amen. 

Rev Dr Leow Hong Too


Dr Leow resigned from his job as a senior lecturer of MBS, Malaysia and went to Wilmore to pray for revival.

While teaching in MBS, Kuala Lumpur, he came to attend my fire revival meetings, which he shared his testimony vide the link:-


God bless!

AOF Global Limited

Feb 27, 2023

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