Thursday, February 16, 2023

Arise, shine, for your light has come (Isaiah 60:1)

Once, I sneaked into a meeting conducted by a prophet in a seminary. During the altar call, the prophet whom I met for the first time, called me to step forward to receive a word from the Lord. After he had delivered a message to me, he handed over the microphone to me, asking me to pray for him. 

Before I had finished the second sentence of my prayer, the fire power of God threw him onto the floor. With the guest speaker on the floor, the president of the Seminary then told me to minister to the congregation.


In a restaurant recently, a pastor came close to me. She felt a force zapped through her belly and she was thrown 5 ft away to the floor. She shared her testimony through the link:-


Such phenomenon is normal when the Lord rests and rises, appearing His manifest glory (Light) upon and over His earthly vessel (Isaiah 60:1-2, Matthew 11:28-30). Moses’s face was radiant with the light of God after being in the burning bush that the Israelites were afraid to come near to him (Isaiah 34:29-30).


When His manifest glory (Light) rests on us, there is no need to even utter any prayer and the Lord said in Isaiah 65:24, “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”


Every Disciple is a Believer but not Every Believer is a Disciple. God places a very high standard and requirement for His earthly vessel to carry His manifest glory. 

We must have the manifest presence of God Himself on display for the world.


A renowned man of wrote: “Glory is the manifested presence of Jesus. Revival is filled with stories of His manifest presence resting upon His people. HE lives in all believers, but the glory of His presence comes to rest on only a few.”


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God bless!


Paul K P Ang


AOF Global Limited


Feb 16, 2023



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