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The AOF Firestarter School, Khon Kaen, Thailand 8-11th November 2022 - Dr Timothy Sng


The best way to summarise my experience about the recent November 8-11th Arsenal of Fire Conference is that this is the first conference I attended which taught, explained, demonstrated & imparted the manifest fire-power of God Almighty.


Up until now, many conferences teach the theory of an Almighty God and leave it to our faith to work on it.


In Khon Kaen, with the many anointed teachers, including Founder of AOF Global, Rev Dr Paul KP Ang, we saw, experienced, received and then many were able to impart some of the arsenal of God's Fire.


God has raised another batch of 120 Firestarters through this anointed school, which I highly recommend for the hungry, humble and holiness-seeking Christian.

Dr Timothy Sng

Kuala Lumpur



Dr Timothy Sng is a Neurologist with Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He shared a comprehensive testimony of his encounter with the amazing works of God at the ministry of Arsenal of Fire Global:-

“I recently attended the 3-day “Arsenal of Fire Global, Fire-starter School” in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I am writing this testimony for benefit of the Body of Christ, on my own free will, from my heart and soul, while it is still fresh in my mind.


I am not new to the ministry of the Arsenal of Fire Global, founded by Reverend Dr Paul KP Ang, from Singapore, having followed and personally met Dr Paul several times since September 2019. Nevertheless, this school has lifted me up in my knowledge, understanding, experience and the “anointing” that follows, with regards what I believe is a “Ministry of God’s Power and Manifestations.”


My first encounter was with Dr Paul’s book, when Elder Dr Ng Soon Ngan, my colleague at Pantai Hospital, and elder and former Chairman of FGA Council, Kuala Lumpur personally gifted me with a copy of Dr Paul’s book “The Arsenal of Fire”.


I recall Dr Ng telling me, “Kim Hock (as he calls me then), I want to give you a book about an amazing ministry and the man who wrote this book.” I was touched, grateful and decided to read it, and take a good look at this ministry.


A few months later in September 2019, Pastor Inky Ong invited me to her church SIBKLCC at Bandar Sri Damansara to attend a two-day seminar conducted by Dr Paul. I went.


At this point, for the reader, may I explain that I am forty years in Christ, always on “fire” for the LORD, and with a passion to win souls personally (over 500, of which I boast for the LORD, for it is the work of the Holy Spirit through this servant.) I am also hungry and have been running after conferences and speakers, as a “Pentecostal Protestant” since I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, manifesting in tongues in 1985. Apart from reading books and hearing tapes of great teachers like Andrew Murray, Derek Prince, John Stott, David Pawson, I had the privilege of meeting and hearing personally from great men and women of God like James Santhosam, Peter Wagner, Morris Cerullo, John Mulinde, Julius Suubi, Heidi Baker, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Bill Johnson, Bill Hamon, Randy Clark, and even shook hands with the late Reinhard Bonke. Besides, I have sat under the feet of great teachers like my Pastor Dr Chew Weng Chee, Reverend Vernon Falls, Reverend Edmund Chan of Singapore, and Dr Thomas Chung of Kuching.


At the September 2019 meeting, I saw first hand the various manifestations of “God’s Power” (I put it in bracket, as even for me then, it was still a (?) question mark for me, and perhaps the reader of this testimony.) There were individuals who were trembling, shaking, swinging their heads back and forth, and there were some who were slain when Dr Paul prayed or called down “Fire!”.


I went forth too, and experience some tingling of both palms, and accepted it as an initial touch from the fire, and also Dr Paul prayed for me for my ministry of writing and authoring books, having just released then, my first book “The Good Son”, about five months prior to that meeting. As a ‘side testimony’, following this prayer, and accelerated by prayers by Reverend Thomas Cherian, and Reverend PG Vargis, both wonderful servants of God from India, I have since published another ten books over 40 months.


Following that first personal meeting and encounter with Dr Paul KP Ang, we have become friends, and I have since been prayed by him, over zoom and in person perhaps another seven or eight times before Khon Kaen, three more in person, apart also from many of his ministers e.g. Ps Janie Wee from Australia, Prophet Peter Dariusz from Chiangmai, Pastor Cyrus and Pastor Hephzibah, Pastor Elisha Chieng from Miri, Pastor Pauline Phua from Singapore, Pastor Andrew Tan from Singapore, all without the full fire manifestation, but only some tingling of the palms.


It was in June 2022, at the home of Dato Chua Jui Meng, when I first experienced the Roar of the Lion of Judah, when Rev Dr Paul KP Ang prayed. It was an awesome experience, with the roar, bellowing from the centre of my belly. I have since appreciated that it is the same origin as tongues, from the innermost belly, and the understanding of it was shared by me in a message entitled, “The Lion of Judah is here.”


The release was a new phenomenon, with respect from the “Roar” and the breakthrough of my inner person. I then made the decision to go for the Firestarter School, in November.


At Khon Kaen School of Firestarters, with the teachers, (Rev Dr Paul KP Ang, Elder Joshua Tan, Pastor Elisha Chieng, Prophet Peter Dariusz, Pastor Hephzibah, Pastor Joseph Callan and Pastor Ruth Foong), I was able to have a deeper understanding of the Fire of God, as taught by several teachers. For the first time, I was able to see the power of God operate as the teachers taught. Personally, I saw and then experienced the trembling, the roaring, being slained, and also the heat of the fire, and the experience of coal of fire in the mouth.


With the experience, came the understanding and realization that the baptism of fire and Holy Spirit comes with the manifestation of God’s power, as demonstrated and shown to the students, followed by impartation to us.


I personally was also able to impart “God’s tangible love” and “The Father’s Love” to some of the participants and even to one of the teachers.


God’s power is real and manifests when we understand, believe and exercise it in faith.


God’s baptism of fire comes with a boldness, and should be accompanied by the manifestation of His Power, when we call upon the Name of the LORD.


I urge all readers who are hungry and open, who are humble and surrendered to begin a path towards holiness and attend the next conference. You will not only be blessed, but be empowered to manifest God’s awesome power and authority through your words and prayers.”



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