Monday, December 20, 2021

Arsenal of Fire Global - Interview, Introduction & Fire Impartation

Are you desiring to be filled with the fire power of Holy Spirit, to walk in true purity, to have a renewed passion for Christ, and most of all to host the fire presence of God? Let us come with an open heart to receive the impartation of God's fire. In whichever field God has placed you, ask God to rain down His baptism of Holy Spirit & Fire (Matthew 3:11).


May you be blessed with the rich infilling of the Spirit and the baptism of fire, that you will be flames of fire. Hebrews 1:7 tells us that And of the angels He says: “Who makes His angels spirits and His ministers a flame of fire.”


The following 3 videos feature interviews with Rev Dr Paul K P Ang, founder of Arsenal of Fire Global (AOF) and introduction of the AOF Ministry.


The first video is an interview by best-selling author, Ruth Saw with Rev Dr Paul Ang, on how to receive God’s fire and walk in it. The interview will end with the impartation of God’s fire.


The second video is an interview by the founder of Marketplace Ministries, Dr Timothy Sng with Rev Dr Paul Ang on his ministry work. The interview includes testimonies of Prof Dr Jin Kim, President of California River of Life University and Rev Dr Elisha Chieng, Founder & Senior Pastor of 611 OHT Bread of Life Church Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. 


Dr Timothy Sng is a medical doctor & neurologist with Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, and he shares his own testimony too.


The third video is an introduction by Rev Dr Elisha Chieng of Rev Dr Paul Ang and the testimony from Ps Anna Lee of New York City.


Fire Impartation will follow the interview and introduction. 


A man of God shared with members of the Fire Revival Movements (RFM) Malaysia how he was blessed with an infilling of the Holy Spirit watching the video interview. I pray that you will similarly be blessed by watching these videos.


To God be the honour, power and glory!


Arsenal of Fire Global

December 20, 2021




The e-book ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ and 烈火 is available vide the link below:-


I pray that this sharing will strengthen your faith and stir you to spread the Fire of God. If you have been blessed by the sharing of our blog articles and testimonies and desire to partner with us to spread this Fire, please consider sowing into this ministry. You may do so through the link below. We thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!”




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