Sunday, April 25, 2021

Book - “The Arsenal of Fire”

The book ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ was written with a threefold purpose: (a) To share my supernatural journey into the baptism of fire; (b) my walk with the Lord which is a call from Him to return to His basic teaching to love Him and be holy as He is holy so that my physical body is a worthy vessel to host His manifest presence; and (c) to impart an understanding and anointing of the ministry of signs and wonders.

A pastor who had read through my book, “The Arsenal of Fire” gave a five-star rating in his review.

He wrote his review:- “If you have been moving in the faith realm and the anointing realm for a long time, it is time to receive revelations on how to walk in the glory realm! Walking in the glory realm means to carry or host the glory of God. Before our bodies can be worthy to host the manifest presence of His glory, God has to purify and cleanse us (His Temple).”

The most precious treasure is not being in the presence of God, or being filled by the presence of God BUT carrying or hosting the manifest presence of His glory that His glorious light will continually radiate and shine out from us for people to see CHRIST in us. Light cannot be hidden. This makes all the difference.


As such, this book is a ‘must’ read for those who desire to host the manifest presence of His glory. More insights vide the link:-


The ebook written in available vide the following link:-

God bless!

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