Thursday, December 3, 2020

Boldly Step Out In Faith - Ps Liam Choon Peng

How strange it is to entitle the chronicles of my key spiritual events with the above theme from Star Trek. I know.

On 31st December 2012 Watch Night Service at the Fountain of Life Assembly (FOLA), Nilai, I announced publicly that I would be making a major decision in the year of 2013. However I did not disclose what that major decision was. Deep inside me, I felt that my season in FOLA was drawing to an end and a new season was about to take place. It all started after I reflected on my spiritual pilgrimage from the point that I responded to the call of God in my life in 1981 till then. It began to dawn on me that the then season I was in seemingly resembled some past seasons, in the spiritual sense, where certain major moves were boldly taken. I was somehow convicted that the year of 2013 would be a transitional year that I would leap in with some significant changes.

My first acquaintance with Pastor Paul K. P. Ang started when he was invited to speak on Sunday services and Wingspread Conferences in FOLA, in 2011. He has a ministry to impart the fire of God to believers and to appropriate spiritual weapons of deliverance to break the strongholds in them. Often, manifestations accompany him whenever he ministers. I must admit that I then had a religious mindset that caused me to be careful and apprehensive of this kind of spiritual phenomena.


During one of the sessions of the Wingspread Conference organised by FOLA, I found myself being called to receive a ministry from him. While I was waiting for my turn, Pastor Paul Ang asked each of us what we wanted from the Lord. I did not have the slightest idea what to ask of him. Honestly, I was struggling within myself to answer this question. All of a sudden, an absurd thought dawned on me, ‘Ask everything that God has given to him’. I spoke out this exact thought when it came to my turn. Einstein once mentioned that if an idea is not absurd then there would not be hope for it.

Absurdity usually triggers laughter and humour, as usual.


Pastor Paul replied, ‘Would you like to have my spare tyre and bald head too?’ He smiled. People around me started to laugh but I was lost for words.

Without any hesitation, he held my hands and imparted something into my spirit that orchestrated a deep work of God that has shifted my paradigm about his ministry. For all I know, I have crossed a threshold that took me from my comfort zone to an unknown frontier.


I absolutely have no regrets that I have expressed this absurdity.


In July 2013, my wife, Hephzibah, and I visited CKRM (Christ Kingdom Reign Majestically) Petaling Jaya for the first time. However, we felt the need to receive more empowerment from this ministry in order to develop ourselves for God’s Kingdom purpose. So, from October 2013 onwards, we started to attend the empowerment services at CKRM Petaling Jaya on a more regular basis. Surprisingly, and strangely, each visit has led to even more uncontrollable stirrings within me. The call of God to return to leading a ministry (that we once held) began to stir and unfold.

It was a stirring that I could not deny of its God-origin. On 23rd December 2013, I decided to notify the pastor of FOLA that my wife and I have decided to answer the apostolic calling that God has placed in our lives to be involved in the ministry of CKRM in the new year of 2014. Both of us have received his blessing to serve in CKRM. Praise the Lord!


Hephzibah and I visited CKRM Singapore in early January of 2014. We wanted to get more acquainted with the CKRM ministry. During our stay there, we felt led to take a further step to move into our calling in the ministry of CKRM. On 6th January 2014, Hephzibah and I were ordained by Rev. Liu Tsia Fang, the president of AGLOW International (Chinese Chapter), Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Esther as pastors for CKRM Petaling Jaya. (Rev Liu is also the Chairman of Singapore Christian Prayer House and and an Advisor of CKRM Christian Centre Singapore).


It is no wonder that the appointment of the captain of the USS Enterprise (Star Trek) to explore, discover, and to go boldly beyond the frontier has captivated my heart and my spirit. There is a similar quest in me to understand and to discover more of the mysteries of God, as well as to explore new terrains in the spiritual realm. The journey has begun. Stay tuned.

Pastor’s Footnote – Ps Liam holds a Master of Science (Information Technology), Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons), Diploma in Ministry and 20 years of Pastoral experience in Latter Rain Church of Malaysia. He was teaching chemistry in Inti International University, Nilai.


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