Thursday, December 3, 2020

An Edifying Comment

Thanks for your exhortation to remain faithful to the ministry that has been entrusted to me. 

There is great zeal and  enthusiasm each time you posted your WhatsApp messages with testimonies. This has impacted ministers, leaders and believers to experience the out of the box  manifestations and more importantly a transformed life. 


The fire that is released through this ministry has touched the remnant of the church to become a growing movement worldwide. The pandemic served to identify those who are seeking for personal encounter with the fire of God. 


The zoom technology is an alternative solution to the restriction imposed on physical proximity. The fire of God knows no limitation and barrier to the fire starters. 


The chief challenge faced in the world is fear. The pandemic has uncovered the idol of fear in the world. Some politicians have taken advantage of the pandemic to serve their own appetite. Fear has twisted  the truth to bend our worship towards a lie. The worship of Baal  fed on twisted truth. The reality is painted and propagated by those who turned the truth into a lie. 


The fire of God consumed every form of idols of fear. This ministry is one of the solution to address this global fear. The world has yet to see what this fire can do to remove this fear. Let your fire impartation reap more global fire starters as you have envisioned.


Ps Liam Choon Peng

CKRM Leadership Training 


Dec 3, 2020.


Ps Liam shared his testimony vide the link:-




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