Monday, September 14, 2020

Testimony of Bro Liu (in English & Mandarin)

I am a Christian from China. Called by God into full-time at age of 17. Been to Ps John MacLennan's meeting having witnessed God's mighty power ministry. Since then, I began to pursue signs and wonders.

Came to Singapore. I decided to receive more. CKRM is the answer which God sent to me. This ministry has been a blessing to me. While attended the meeting for the first time, I was very sure I came to the right place. I kept coming till I returned to my home country.


In every meeting, God imparted His Holy Spirit’s Fire to me through Pastor Paul for a period of 9 months. During this period, I became more thirsty. My prayer time has increased from two hours a day initially to 6 hours daily. 


My giftings have also increased; gifts of discernment and more sensitive in the Spirit.


After I returned to my home country and continued serving, only then I began to notice more of the blessings that God brought to me through Ps Paul's ministry.


Preaching used to be stressful to me. It has become easy now. Holy Spirit gave me strong faith on what i preached. My faith had also increased in ministry. I have more boldness to follow the leading of Holy Spirit to step out in faith be it in my ministry or personal life. I began to see heart disease, mental illness, sleepless healed. I received many testimonies!


Currently in our meetings, there would be healings taking place each time. All these credits go to our Lord Jesus also to his servant Ps Paul who imparted the fire anointing. 


My desire now is to have more through the impartation by Ps Paul and be completely transformed into a flame of fire and burn mightily for Jesus.


Brother Liu




















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