Monday, September 14, 2020

Are You Sent? Part 4

In 2006, I went on a ‘fire empowerment mission’ with a group of pastors to the Philippines, which included Dr K B Tan.

Asia Pacific Mission was founded by Dr K B Tan in 1994. It has trained tens of thousands missionaries to reap the vast harvest of unreached people through their Bethany International University. It has by far set up 850 Mission Schools world-wide.

In the mission, I was not listed as a speaker. However, my senior pastor gave me the time to minister after she had finished her speaking session in a sardine-packed church. The moment, I opened my mouth to speak, the fire of God swept through the congregations. With hardly any space to fall, the people fell on top of one another with awesome healings and deliverance. Our mission team members and the hosting church pastors were stunned by the awesome move of God.

Dr K B Tan, witnessing such a awesome move of God, was then prompted to change my name to ‘Paul’ and was also prompted to write a testimony many years later. His testimony is vide the link..

My life was radically and permanently transformed after my encounter with the Consuming Fire that surged through my entire physical body like the raw power of a 440-volt power in 2004. When the tongues of fire fell upon the 120 disciples at Pentecost (Acts 2:2-4), they reached out immediately with boldness to reap the vast harvest, turning the world upside down.

After being zapped by the fire, the Lord did not send me for bible school training to learn the various steps of ministering and counselling. The Lord sent me instead to pray and empower the pastors of the five-fold ministries, as He Himself worked through me as His earthly vessel in His manifest glory. And His fire continued to zap through my right palm almost daily for about 3 years. The ministries bear awesome fruit of His works. Praise God!

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To God be the power and glory for ever and ever. Amen!

God bless you!

Paul K P Ang   
Ordained Minister (California)
Arsenal of Fire Global

September 14, 2020


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  1. Yes!More Leaders,evangelists and padtors need to be touched,healed by this Consuming fire of God to be more effective in reaching the multitudes in nations.


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