Sunday, August 2, 2020

“ The Refiner’s Fire” by Peter Dariusz

In the introduction, Peter Dariusz shared “The Refiner's Fire” was written during his translation of "The Arsenal of Fire" written by Pastor Paul K.P. Ang into the Polish language. The fire of God surged through his left upper hand. The pain was almost unbearable, and it continued to surge through his upper left hand daily....

At his request and being his mentor and spiritual father, I wrote the FOREWORD for the ebook and highly recommend this amazing book to you vide the link ...


These are the last days and the days are getting darker. God’s eyes are looking for hearts that are perfect towards Him (2 Chronicles 16:9) to push back the power of darkness. I believe that Prophet Peter Daruisz is called by God for a time like this.

In 2018, Peter visited me to verify a dream about me being engulfed in flames of fire (Hebrews 1:7). He heard that Singapore was exporting a ‘strange fire’. He wanted to check the authenticity of the fire. He asked what kind of fire I was carrying and whether it was ‘strange fire’ or Holy Spirit’s fire?

I shared that our Lord Jesus Christ has bestowed me with the ‘glorious blue flame’ to overturn the occult and false prophets of Baal.

God instantly confirmed the word (Mark 16:20) by pouring down His fire upon Peter. There was a powerful impartation of the divine fire of cleansing, refining and deliverance upon Peter. He was lifted to a higher level of calling (2 Timothy 2:20-21) to uproot demonic strongholds.

In this season, God is raising a generation of believers with the Elijah’s anointing to manifest the presence of His fire and glory to confirm supernaturally His Word to the world. The anointing to discern things of the spirit world will be very evident just like in the days of the early church (Acts 16:16-18) where Apostle Paul could discern and set free the slave girl who was oppressed with a spirit of divination. We are living in a time where the truth of God is pervasively compromised with the beliefs of the world. Many believers are deceived and there is a need for God’s people to be set free from the deception of religion.

The fire impartation of God’s fire upon Peter has equipped him to raise up end-time disciples of Christ to be ‘Fire Starters’ or ‘Torchbearers’ to spread His fire and glory to the ends of the earth to advance God’s Kingdom. The fire he received will burn and spread quickly to deliver, heal and transform lives. His ministry will bear powerful testimonies of transformed occult practitioners and mediums to preachers of the Gospel.

The testimonies in this book will help you to serve God passionately with the anointing of His Fire.

“There are whole generations burning in Hell fire because the Church has lost its Holy Ghost fire.” Leonard Ravenhill

In these last days, God is raising up Elijahs who will draw the hearts of the children back to God. Peter is a recipient of God’s grace and fire. On the very first day we met, the blue flame of the Holy Spirit swept through him so very powerfully, turning him into a flame of fire. This flame of fire will transform many lives, including the occultists, the false prophets of Baal and witches into fiery preachers of the gospel. Peter’s ministry and works have become very effective in transforming lives rapidly ever since he received the fire of God in his life.

Pastor Peter Dariusz is very passionate for God. He constantly seeks to be enlightened and empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit to do greater works. It was in such a manner he came to visit me to know and test the authenticity of the “Fire” of the Arsenal of Fire Global (AOFG) Ministry in 2018. The Fire of God surged through both him and his friend, so powerfully that they know that God has transformed them. It was so supernatural that they left without any doubt that the Fire they received is of God. He attended the AOFG Ministry Inaugural School of Fire Starters early in 2019 for greater impartation to ignite the Fire of God in the nations.

“The Refiner’s Fire” book is very rich with powerful personal and other testimonies of God’s love and transforming power in his life and the ministries he is involved in. This book will stir you to seek greater intimacy with God and do His will with obedience and passion.

Pastor Paul K.P.Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

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