Monday, July 23, 2018

Baptised with Fire

Something is stirring. Something is coming. Many can feel momentum building, a momentum that will break forth with a move of the Spirit unlike anything the world has ever seen. In scripture, we are promised that Jesus came to baptize His church with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Are you ready to be immersed, overwhelmed, and set ablaze by The Burning One? Are you ready to encounter The Living God in such a profound way that you become fully alive in the resurrection power of His burning love? Then you must be BAPTISED WITH FIRE!

Baptised with Fire is a documentary sharing insights about the burgeoning move of God that will explode into the earth in a way that is beyond revival, beyond reformation, beyond anything the church even has a word for yet. It will present revelation from many respected prophetic voices about what is happening in the Spirit right now, as well as historical accounts of divine manifestations of heavenly fire. You’ll learn from world-renowned teachers, historians and ministers, plus you’ll hear amazing testimonies of incredible encounters with the blazing reality of the baptism of fire that a few individual believers have experienced – the baptism of fire that is about to break forth in a mighty corporate explosion!

The coming fire revival will cause shockwave.

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