Thursday, May 3, 2018

Testimony - A Dream given to Peter Daruisz / 见证 - 给于彼得达鲁斯的一个梦

It amazes me how God leads His anointed servants to connect with us through dreams.

Peter Daruisz came to visit us on April 28 after he had a dream of me engulfed in fire. This was his first visit with us. He had recognised me from my picture on the Arsenal of Fire book. He shares the dream through this video:

The first question he asked was what kind of fire I have, whether it was strange or holy fire. I told him that it is the glorious blue flame of the Seraphim, the fire of the Holy Spirit that will upturn the false prophets of Baal.

Peter Daruisz is a prophet and a seer and he prays unceasingly for hours. He authors a book, ‘The Vital Guide to Tabernacle Prayer’. God revealed to him that our prayer house, located at the top floor of Manhattan House in the prime commercial district of Singapore, is the “Altar of Elijah.”

Please refer to his website for more information concerning his ministries.

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

May 3, 2018

见证 - 给于彼得达鲁斯的一个梦



他问的第一个问题是我身上的火是什么样的火- 是陌生还是神圣的火焰。我告诉他,这是撒拉弗的荣耀蓝色火焰,它会翻转巴力的假先知。

彼得达鲁斯是一个先知和先见,他可以不停地祈祷几个小时。他写了一本书 “帐幕祷告的重要指南”。上帝向他显示,位于新加坡主要商业区的曼哈顿大厦顶层,也就是我们祷告的殿,是以利亚的祭坛。

请参阅他的网站 以了解更多有关他的事工的信息。


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