Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Running Hard after God 努力追求神

    In our daily lives, we run after something whether knowingly or unknowingly. Some of us run after careers, others run after money. Unfortunately, very few of us run after God.  Recently, in our three nights of Revival Conference in New York City, an anointed man of God drove about three hours to have fellowship with me in New York City. It is not me he is chasing after but the Presence of God. The priority of God’s presence has been lost in the modern church. Tommy Tenney said “We’re like bakeries that are open, but have no bread… and are not interested in bread anymore!” 

    In John 12, the Pharisees were upset at the parade when Jesus came in His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. They completely missed the hour of Jesus’ visitation. God is raining down His 'freshly baked bread' again into His house today. There is much more of God available today than we have ever imagined but we have to press in for God’s best.

    This pastor has experienced much of God, yet he presses in as he has heard that God is raining down fresh bread lately in New York City where we ministered. He was so impressed when he witnessed what God was doing that he invited many friends of his that were also pastors to the next meeting. Joy and excitement overflowed in his heart and he shared his encounter with God during this meeting on Facebook to let others know so that they can come to the meeting and be touched by God mightily! The Lord touched all the pastors tremendously and they began to testify of the greatness and goodness of God.  Hearing about an awesome meeting is totally different from witnessing it with our own eyes. Sometimes, news passed around can be distorted. Winston Churchill once said “we can never reach our destination if we stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” What a revelation! In our Christian walk, we cannot stop the dogs from barking but we should not be distracted and delayed by interacting with the dogs.

     Let this article be an encouragement to run after God and ask Him to rain down fresh bread from heaven to reignite the revival Fire God has deposited in every heart! If you don't know how to get fresh bread from heaven, then go to a place where you know fresh bread is being poured down! Learn and then you can be the vessel God uses to help others receive fresh bread too! We must desire every day for the fresh bread of His Presence.

Let us all continually be desperately hungry for Him!

Ellen Vecchione is Director/Principal of NYCGSSM New York City Gatekeepers School of Supernatural Ministry. The school is associated with Bill Johnson's Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Ps Peter Kemp is from Astoria, New York City

               Ps Joy is from New York City (She was the pastor of our      co-worker, Ps Anna Lee of AFM New York City)

Ps Margo Kemp

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Ministries,
California, USA

September 11, 2017


在我们日常生活中,不管是在有意还是无意中,我们都在追求东西。我们当中一些人追求事业,另一些则追求金钱。可惜的是,我们当中很少人追求神。 最近在纽约市的三晚复兴大会期间,一位受膏的服事者开车约三个小时来跟我在纽约市团契。他追求的不是我,而是神的同在。在现今教会里,神的同在已经失去了优先的地位。汤米·坦尼说::“我们就像开放的面包店,但没有面包,而且对面包不再感兴趣!”


这位牧师经历了神许多,却仍然竭力追求,因他听说神正在纽约市我们服事的地方赐下新鲜的面包。当他亲眼目睹神的作为时,印象非常深刻,便邀请他的许多牧师朋友参加下一次的大会。他的心中充满喜乐和兴奋,并在面书(Facebook)上分享了他与神在这次大会中的相遇,让其他人知道后能参加聚会被神的大能感动!主大大感动了所有的牧师,他们就为神的伟大和良善作见证。 听到关于一个奇妙的聚会是完全不同于亲眼目睹它的。有时候,消息在传递时可能会被歪曲。温斯顿·丘吉尔曾经说过:“如果我们停下来向每一只在吠的狗扔石头,我们就永远无法到达目的地。”这是极好的启示!在我们的基督徒路程中,我们不能阻止狗吠,但我们不应该分心和因与狗互动而拖延。



艾伦(Ellen Vecchione)是纽约市当关超自然事工学校(New York City Gatekeepers School of Supernatural Ministry)的主任/校长。这所学校与比尔. 约翰逊(Bill Johnson)的伯特利超自然事工学校(Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry)有关联。

彼得·肯普(Peter Kemp)牧师来自纽约市阿斯托里亚(Astoria)

来自纽约市的Joy牧师(她是我们纽约市烈火军火库事工Anna Lee牧师的牧师)




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