Saturday, June 4, 2016

Amazing way on how God connects me to CKRM - Ps Katherine Kristin Low

Dear Ps Paul and Ps Esther,

I thank God for leading me to know you both and your ministry. It is such a pleasure and privilege to witness what God is doing, fulfilling His words in these last days through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in your ministry.

I want to let you know that many times when I think about you and your ministry, a strong anointing and fire come down upon me. 

This is the first time I have ever experienced such strong anointing come upon me just by looking at a photograph at your website, even your profile photo on Whatsapp, and when you called my name. When I read your book, I fully understood what God has given to you.

The Lord has taught me that the baptism of Fire is a weapon. This is how I feel about your anointing- it’s offensive, powerful and destructive. It will awaken the spirit man inside a person and lift him or her to a different realm- the spiritual realm. It’s destructive to the work of the enemy and the flesh; it’s like when light comes in, darkness cannot stay. I only experienced this once before, when I met up with a person who saw Jesus face to face just a few weeks before I met her. The glory of God is upon her. And the Lord told me that the book Arsenal of Fire is a combination of the anointing and fire He has given to you, plus His Living Word! That’s why it’s so powerful. Every time when we read it, it’s as if we are given a spiritual jab or booster.

During a period of fasting and praying, the Lord taught me how to die to my flesh, body, mind and soul, and how to overcome my flesh and sinful nature by the power of the Holy Spirit. He required absolute obedience and taught me to listen to the Holy Spirit before acting or speaking. I remember Him saying 99% of obedience is equal to disobedience. Much later He led me to read I Samuel 15 about the fall of King Saul.

In 2015, the Lord sent me to reach out to 20 or more churches in the Philippines, as well as villages and barangays, conducting mini gospel crusades, revival meetings in churches and Pastors/leaders’ meeting. Many blind eyes and deaf ears were opened; legs that cannot walk for many years without support began to walk; many diseases and sicknesses were healed instantly. Those who have lived in deception of other occultic teachings began to open their eyes to see the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave their hearts to Jesus. It was almost a 100% conversion in every meeting. Most who came forward received both physical and emotional healing.

Many of the Pastors were touched by the Lord powerfully. Hearts were revived and they repented of their carnal ways. The Lord’s heart is really for the poor as stated in Isaiah 61.

Pastor Paul, the first time you spoke to me over the phone, you told me to come out of where I am right now and not to fear men. The third time I saw you in CKRM, you told me the same thing and told me to roar. I believe the Lord knows that after the previous church experience, I have a fear of being involved in human entanglement of power, position and carnal standards again even though I have answered His call to be a pastor and an evangelist. 

I believe the Lord wanted me to send you part of my spiritual testimony for you to know my spiritual experience/encounter and how I move with the Holy Spirit, and for you to see and confirm if it is God’s will for me to serve at CKRM church/ministry while both of you are away. 

The Lord told me that you will be one of my mentors during the 90 minutes when I was under the power of God; so please do give me advice on spiritual matters.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

The Lord bless you richly

In Christ Love,

Ps Katherine Kristin Low

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