Wednesday, March 9, 2022

A Powerful Divine Fire Encounter

Apostle Dr Jackie Mare of Heal The Land Ministries International of South Africa was in Singapore recently for the Revival Fire Conference.  She visited the Arsenal of Fire Global (AOF) Centre for a time of fellowship. It was her first visit to the centre to get to know us. We had never met in person before, and our interaction was only through Zoom. 

We, in AOF, were eager to meet her and she too was also excited to fellowship with us in person. So, a day after her mandatory quarantine of 10 days, she came to AOF Centre. 

During the fellowship, I was prompted to impart the fire of God. When I touched Dr Jackie’s hand slightly, the fire of God surged through her setting her lips, hands and feet on fire. The intensity of the fire was so strong that she instinctively wanted to douse off the fire. She rushed to the washroom to cool her hands, feet and lips with water, but God’s fire cannot be put off by water, it has to be imparted to others to lessen the heat. The flame of God is transferable for the purpose of blessing others. I believe, Dr Jackie is blessed by God’s fire to be “a minister of His flame” to ignite Africa with His revival fire. Hallelujah! 

Dr Jackie shared her “fire encounter” with the leaders of the Revival Fire International Convergence at their Zoom meeting on 8th March 2022. Please see the link below:-

She testified that it was the first time she experienced such an awesome encounter. 

A week has passed since her “fire encounter” and she could still feel the burning. The fire of God is alive in her as the Holy Spirit is energising her to do greater works. The more we are yielded to God, the greater the fire - the greater the zeal of the Lord will be upon us. Praise God!


We are living in an exciting time where God is supernaturally cleansing, purifying, transforming and empowering His people with powerful manifestation of His fire. God’s fire is burning more intensely in these last days. The hungrier we are, the greater the burning to transform us as “His ministers a flame of Fire” (Hebrews 1:7). 

We are in a new paradigm of God’s grace – the grace of His fire for supernatural works. The season of God’s supernatural enabling with His Fire and Glory will bring quick and pervasive divine healing, deliverance, restoration and transformation of lives like never before.  As God enables His servants with His Fire, this divine fire needs to spread to the nations in quick time to empower His church for the global harvest. We need God’s Fire Starters to go to the nations to ignite His people. Come catch the Fire at AOF!

To God be the honour, power & glory!


Dr Paul K P Ang

AOF Global Ltd

Arsenal of Fire Global

March 9, 2022


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