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Biography of Dr Paul K P Ang

- Founder, Arsenal of Fire Global

- Founder, School of Fire Starters

- Ordained Minister, Arsenal of Fire Ministries California, USA

- Honorary Doctorate in Pneumatology from California River of Life University


- Trustee, Revival Fire Movement (Malaysia)

- Co-Founder, Global Revival Fire Network (Singapore)


Paul was born in 1950. He has three sons, a daughter, and three grandchildren. All his three sons were graduated from Australia, and his daughter is now an American citizen living in California.


He was baptized at Grace Methodist Church in Singapore on December 22, 2002.


In February 2006, Paul was ordained as pastor by Rev Liu Tsai Fang, Senior Pastor of Singapore Christian Prayer House. He was then ordained as reverend.


In 2004, Paul had a powerful life transforming encounter with God in a Chinese Seminary in California, USA. In a meeting, he saw the heavens opened right above him and rained down lightning and thunder; and the fire of God struck him like a lightning bolt and surged through his entire body, like 440 high volts of electricity. The next day a similar wave of high voltage divine power surged through him; imparting the Father's heart of God to him. These supernatural encounters transformed him from a successful entrepreneur to an anointed servant of God, a flame of fire (Hebrews 1:7).


Since then the divine fire surged through his entire right palm continuously almost daily for about a period of three years. He was taken up in the heavenly realm and witnessed the inexpressible glorious laser flame of God beamed through him. Paul was commissioned by the Lord with power and authority as a fire starter, and in obedience to God’s call, he became God's vessel to raise up other fire starters and ministers strongly in spiritual gifts impartation.


Through the leading and inspiration of Holy Spirit, Paul has documented his spiritual experiences in his book. The book of "The Arsenal of Fire" carries God’s fire and glory like Apostle Paul's handkerchief as recorded in Acts 19:11-12, "God did extraordinary miracles through Paul; so that even handkerchiefs and aprons touched by him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them."


The Calling of Dr Paul K P Ang


Watch this interview with the founder of Arsenal of Fire (AOF) ministry, Rev. Dr. Paul K. P. Ang, on how to receive God’s fire and walk in it. We will end the interview with the impartation of His fire.



The ebook ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ and 烈火 is available vide the link below:-


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- 环球烈火事工创办

- 烈火启动训练学校创办

- 美国加利福尼烈火事工神

- 荣誉美国California River of Life大学圣灵学博士学位

- 马来西之火运的委托

  Trustee, Revival Fire Movement (Malaysia)


- 全球复烈火网(新加玻)共同创办

  Co-Founder, Global Revival Fire Network (Singapore)






2004 年,保在美国加利福尼州的一所文神学院与神相遇,改了他一生。 在一次聚会中,他看到天向他开了,降下了闪电和雷声; 神的烈火如闪电击中了他,如同440伏特的大流涌入他的全身。 他被提上去,他看神荣耀的激光火焰穿透了他。 第二天,一波似的高神圣的大能再次涌入我体内; 神将父神的心赐给了保 些超自然的相遇使他从一个成功的企成了上帝的受膏仆人,成了神的火焰(希伯来 7)。


从此,神的火几乎每天都向他的整个右掌不断涌入,持了大三年的时间 主托付保柄与大能成烈火启服神的呼召,保神的器皿,被主使用来起其他烈火启着圣灵大能分属灵恩


的属灵烈火着神的火与荣耀,如圣记载着使徒保的手巾一 “ 神借保的手行了些非常的奇事, 甚至有人从保身上拿手巾或裙放在病人身上,病就退了,鬼也出去了” (使徒行 十九11-12)。



击链看烈火事工(Arsenal of Fire)创办人博士洪光炳(保)牧专访,了解如何受神的火并在其中运行。保将在专访结束前向各位分烈火。








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