Monday, June 21, 2021

Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming & Church’s Rapture – By Elder Wee

A powerful sermon by Elder Wee Tiong Howe at the Sunday English Service Worship Service of City Missions Church on June 20, 2021 about ‘The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ & The Rapture of the Church.’


The message brought 26 people to Christ.


For the prophecies about an awesome fire revival coming to Singapore and other nations, Elder Wee shared:-


“For the first 20 days we had mobilisation of more than a few hundred prayer  leaders and ministry partners to pray for the revival fire of God to come upon Singapore churches, Malaysia, India, Russia, Myanmar,  USA, Indonesia,  Philippines, Central Asia, Sweden, Australia, Vietnam, Nepal, HK and South Korea. Ministry and prayer partners from other countries and regions will also be invited to join the Revival Prayer Watches. The prayer watches are scheduled in different watch over 24 hours.


We are very thankful and most grateful to Apostle Jackie Mare from Heal the Land Ministries International South Africa to share the prophetic word for our City and church.  


According to Prophet Paul Ang and Apostle Jackie, Singapore has been chosen as the city for the Spirit of God to visit, pour forth bless and empower.This great endtime spiritual awakening and Holy Spirit revival will be  unprecedented in human history. 


City Missions Church has been chosen as the frontrunning Church to pray fast and press in for this great move of God. 


Apostle Jackie and her African and international partners had been led by the Lord to set aside and consecrate for a 40 Day Prayer and Fast. They had planned much earlier with the scheduled date for the 40 Day Prayer and Fast period   from 1 June to 10 July 2021. 


Their focus of prayer and fasting for 40 days is to support City Missions Church and Singapore churches to encounter and be blessed by this Holy Spirit Revival Fire. Their targeted prayer focus is Singapore Revival Fire.

God bless!” 

Elder Wee



To God be the Glory, Honour and Power!


Dr Paul K P Ang

Arsenal of Fire Ministries, California

Arsenal of Fire Global


June 21, 2021


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