Monday, August 20, 2018

Testimony from Ps Joseph Sitoh Mun Cheong

Ps Joseph Sitoh Mun Cheong in his sermon yesterday at our Sunday Church Service shared a testimony on how he has witnessed our ministry growing from glory to glory with the awesome manifest Presence of God is truly awesome. Many great forerunners said that there is such a tangible manifest presence of His glory when they came to visit us.

Growth is the goal of the Christian, from faith to faith, from strength to strength and glory to glory to the image and likeness of God. Maturity is mandatory. If a child ceased to develop, the parent would be concerned. Doctors would be called. Tests would be conducted to find the cause of this problem. When a child stops growing, something is wrong.

When a Christian stops growing, help is needed and necessary. If you are the same Christian you were a few months ago, be careful. It is always wise to get a checkup. Not on your body, but on the issues of your heart. Not a physical, but a spiritual.

This testimony from Ps Sitoh will surely encourage and bless you.

May the Lord be glorified through the sharing of this testimony!

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August 20, 2018







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