Monday, May 22, 2017

New Frontiers and Connections

Our Lord has opened doors for us to the English churches. In Jan 2017, we had the honor of ministering in Malaysia's biggest church, FGA. FGA is the forerunner of the charismatic movement in Malaysia. On May 17, God opened the door for us to minister at a women's bible study group in Jubilee Christian Center, which is San Jose's largest non-denominational church, according to Wikipedia.

Since coming to USA in April, we have been amazed at how God has brought His highly anointed servants from far and near, to come and be connected with our ministry.

The hungry come for the fire impartation. Ps Sherry Wu 鄔時瑞, whom Rev Liu Tsia Fang has invited to speak at a forthcoming HK conference; cancelled her trip to Israel, drove about 8 hours from San Diego to experience the awesome strong fire that swept through her mightily and also to witness the mighty outpouring of God. She wasted no time in contacting her intercessor to share about her experience.

Ps Sherry Wu was the coordinator of the San Diego Revival where many great ministers of God have ministered at. She and her intercessor have also organized many revival meetings. She intends to spend a few days with us.

She shared that the Lord told her to be a 'Barnabas to Paul' (Acts 9:27).

God is leading many anointed people who have been praying and crying out to Him for more, to come to our meetings. Some of these are apostles, prophets, pastors and missionaries. They testify to the awesome and mighty presence of God sweeping through the meetings.

Below are testimonies from three ministers of God who have attended our Saturday Fire Impartation Meeting at Stockton, California May 20.

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Ministries
California, USA

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