Friday, October 28, 2016

Power of Intercession

Intercessory prayer is the secret weapon of a Spirit-led activity. Imagine having intercessors as part of your team, committed in helping you make decisions in your spiritual journey that you may stand firm in whatever you do -all in the will of God.

In 2007, a prophetess gave me a word that God would raise up 120 intercessors to pray for me globally. I did not know that a great man of God in North America was upholding me in prayer until he wrote and informed me when we set up CKRM and blessed me with an e-book entitled, 'Jesus' Ministries'.

Our missions to USA in 2014 and 2015 were the preparation for our global ministry. The year 2016 saw the start of our global ministry where suddenly many ministry doors begin opening for us. It will be a very busy time for me and my associate and co-founder starting 2017.

Years ago, I have made a personal covenant with Him to effectively be frontline forerunner for CKRM/AFM with nothing to hold me back (1 Corinthians 7:8, 15, 32-35, Matthew 19:12). My co-founder, Ps Esther, has answered her call to be set apart like prophet Ana (in Luke 2:36-37- staying in the temple waiting upon the Messiah).  With the recent demise of her husband, she too, is also able to focus singly, to run and finish the race that He has specifically set before us. 

We shall obediently march forth in our covenant with God, offering our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to Him, as we are called according to His purpose. It will be a mighty, fearless and awesome journey ahead and God will lead more intercessors, prophets/seers to guide and protect us and the ministries. David had Prophet Nathan and a group of prophetic counselors in his life-time to guide him.

Thank God for sending Prophetess/Seer Elise to do the work like what Nathan did to David. Elise has proven her sharpness in prophetic vision and sees very clearly in the spiritual realm; hence she will act in that private capacity for us just like Nathan in David's court.

Ps Paul was preaching with Ps Esther in quiet intercession

Ps Paul K P AngArsenal of Fire Ministries, California,USA

代祷是一个圣灵引领活动的秘密武器。 想象你的团队里拥有代祷者,他们都是你与神同行的历程 忠诚的帮助你,好让你做什么事都能在神的旨意上站立得稳。

在2007年, 有一位先知给了我一个预言说神会在全球兴起120位代祷者为我代祷。我并不知道有位来自南美洲神的仆人一直在为我代祷,直到我们建立CKRM (基督国度崇高掌权)之后, 他写来通知我还给了我一本电子书名 为‘Jesus Ministries‘ (耶稣的事工)祝福我。那时我才知道。

原来2014 和 2015 年我们到美国的任务是要为我们全球的事工做好准备。2016 年我们就看到全球的事工开始起步,奇妙的神开始为这事工开门。我看到 2017 年将会是我和我的创办人还有团队忙录的时期。

好几年前, 我与神立了约,就是没有任何事可以阻拦我,成为CKRM/AFM (基督国度崇高掌权/烈火军火库)一个有果效的前锋者(哥林多前 7:8, 15, 32-35, 马太 19:12). 
我的共同创办人,叶再来牧师多年前回应神对她的呼召,把自己分别出来有如先知亚娜一样。(路加 2: 36-37 - 住在圣殿中为主的再来守望)最近她丈夫被主先接回天家, 她更能够单单专注的跑完神所指定给我们的跑道。

我们当顺服与神所立的约,向前迈进。将自己献上为活祭,是 圣洁的,是神所悦纳的,因为我们是按照他的旨意被呼召的 。这前进的旅程将会是个强大,无畏和很棒的之旅,神会带领更多的代祷者与先知来指导和保护我们和事工。在大卫王的生命中,他拥有先知拿单和一群先知谋士来指引他。

感谢神为我们派来了Elise,一位如同拿单一样,为大卫指引的先知(看异象), Elise 已证明她先知异象的明锐度, 并在灵界看得非常的精准。无可否认她将能扮演如大卫的拿单的角色。

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